WISLaw meeting at the Anti-Doping Conference in Macolin on April 28 2017

May 12, 2017

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Great to meet with WISLaw members & to welcome new members from Africa at the Anti-Doping Conference in Macolin.


The University of Neuchatel and the CIES hosted an Anti-Doping Summit at the Swiss National Sports Centre from April 28 to April 29. The conference took a ‘fresh look at the science, legal and policy aspects of Anti-Doping.’ The panel discussions included questions on how the anti-doping science and regulation can keep pace with doping but also what athletes think that should become a priority in the fight against doping. WISLaw members Emily Wisnosky and Brianna Quinn were both speakers at the conference. The conference also offered a good opportunity to interact with other WISLaw members and to welcome new members from Africa.