Our Statutes

The Association

WISLaw is an international non-profit association. It was founded in 2016 by Despina Mavromati, Marisa Dominguez Rubio and Melanie Schӓrer.

The Goals of the Association

Statutes – 2023

WISLaw pursues, among others, the following aims:

  1. Enhance the cooperation of women active in the sports law field at international level through networking events and the holding of regular meetings.
  2. Promote women in the sports law sector, in particular, former – or present – elite athletes with legal background wishing to pursue a career in sports law.
  3. Raise awareness of the presence, achievements and role of women in the sports law sector.
  4. Take a gender-oriented perspective in the sports law sector, by tackling any kind of
  5. Facilitate the participation of women in the sports law profession.
  6. Play an active role in the sports law sector by empowering its members upon the acquisition of new skills and techniques.
  7. Organize an annual General Assembly meeting with all its members.
  8. Raise funds / seek sponsorships for a sports law master program scholarship for a female student (ISDE, CIES – FIFA Master or other) based on criteria to be defined at a later stage.
  9. Create, maintain and foster a networking platform for all WISLaw members in order to encourage business and employment opportunities as well as the exchange of information among WISLaw members.
  10. The Association’s actions may also include publications and other educational/networking events in sports law, the organization of conferences and seminars and the attribution of awards.

The Association is open to all women who are active – or interested – in the sports law sector and wish to become active members.

Requests to become an active member must be addressed to the Board, along with a short introduction of the candidate. The Board decides on the admission of new members at its discretion without giving reasons and informs the General Assembly accordingly.

Each member pays an annual membership fee. The membership fee is CHF 100.- (students / low income: CHF 40.-) per member.