WISLaw Gender Equality Champion 2022-2023

👉 Why create this award?

To recognize meaningful improvements made towards gender parity in the sporting sector.

To motivate organisations to consider what steps they are or could be taking towards gender parity and in turn, increase diversity of thought, improve governance and decision-making, and make them a more attractive workplace!

  • Gender parity motivation for sports organizations
  • Maximizes talent
  • Modernizes the workplace and benefits ALL


👉 Why “WISLaw Gender Equality Champion”?

Sport is competition and everyone wants to be a champion

The champion will gain visibility and make a positive impact in the sector


🏆 The Trophy

An artist has been selected to create a bespoke trophy for the award recipient.


📝 The Competition

Step 1: Registration

International sports federations, sports law firms, sports law organizations, universities, sports brands, have the opportunity to register between September 10 – November 30, 2022 to participate in the competition send us an email at: info@wislaw.ch 

Step 2: Equality is a work in progress

Applicants are encouraged to track and demonstrate their improvement over the course of Sept 2022 to Aug 31, 2023

Step 3: Determination of the winner

Sept 2023: shortlist created by Partnership&Education Committee by giving 0 – 10 points for each criteria

Board Members will judge

The winner is the applicant with the most points

Step 4: Award Ceremony

The winner will be notified in advance and invited to collect the prize in person at our annual conference


✍️ The Criteria

  • Policy for targeted recruitment?
  • Visible effort to feature women and/or gender balance in the images on the websites and in the outreach materials?
  • Visible leadership commitment and accountability towards gender equality?
  • Equal opportunity/anti-discrimination officer?
  • Reintegration programs for women?
  • Flexible work arrangements?
  • For universities: percentage of female students in the university? percentage of female students in law faculty?
  • Female employees have the same development, advancement and promotion opportunities?
  • Tracking and implementing measures against the salary pay gap.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the same role gets paid the same, regardless of gender.
  • …and more.

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Nov 30 2022


All Day

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 30 2022
  • Time: All Day