Claudia Guerrero


Position: Lawyer

Type of Occupation: Professor in sports law

Area of expertise: Sports and corporate affairs.

Member of the month: May, 2022

How did you get involved in sports law?

During 2010, I was working with the Colombian Government on trade issues supporting good corporate governance processes. I was appointed by the Government to lead the process of converting professional soccer clubs, which at that time were non-profits entities. The conversion allowed them to organize themselves as sports corporations of a sports and commercial type.

It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to know the Colombian football entities and understand what their needs were. This process generated important results for soccer entities, having positive impacts on their finances and their sports results.

This result not only had a positive impact on soccer sports entities, it also transcended into my professional field. As a result of the work I had been doing, I had the opportunity to meet the Minister of Sport of my country-– Andrés Botero Phillispsbourne, who in 2014 invited me to work in the Ministry, as Director – “compliance”, of the Sports entities. I accepted this honorable designation, working on a project I called “Formalization of sports entities in Colombia”. Ever since I started working on this project, I understood that sport- “It’s not a game”. It is an instrument capable of transforming lives, materializing dreams, and generating peace. Day by day I found more personal and professional reasons to continue with the project. The athletes ended up being for me an example of discipline, struggle, perseverance, love, and courage.

 I retired from the Sports Ministry in July 2017 having the opportunity to return to my old job. However, sports captivated me, changed my perception and, with the support of my husband and son, decided to start my legal advisory company for corporate and sports matters.

 In January 2018 I was contacted by the president of the of Colombian Soccer Major Division – DIMAYOR, entity in charge of the organization of the professional soccer championship and belonging to the Colombian Soccer Federation. They offered me to work leading the Legal Management Area. Soon after I ended up being responsible for the Legal Management Area, then the General Secretary and finally I ended up being appointed as the first woman president of Colombian Professional Soccer. This was a very challenging job. I managed to organize “Dimayor” and implement practices of good governance. The media in my country referred to my work as “the management of a woman in a men’s world”. It was an extraordinary experience. Today I am working in my legal advisory company in corporate and sports matters. I am also a professor of subjects related to soccer law and the organization of sports entities.

Any advice for someone trying to break into the sector?

My advice for those who want to enter the sector is to study, to analyze the sector, and based on that knowledge, make creative proposals, which can contribute to the development of the sector. There are organizations such as Wislaw, that allow its affiliated members to share experiences and generate important communication channels. For this reason, I advise those who are interested to belong to a group of experts that openly share ideas and experiences.

What has been your most memorable achievement in the industry?

My most memorable professional achievement was to accept the challenge of converting soccer entities, having contributed to the implementation of good governance practices in sports entities in my country, as well as contributing in making the dreams of our athletes realities.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

My greatest personal and professional challenge has been to open spaces for women in the sports leadership of my country. Based on my experience, I have managed to prove that, without losing the essence that characterizes a woman, with effort, leadership, empathy, solidarity, commitment, and love, we can contribute positively so that more people achieve their sports dreams through organized sports entities and organizations with a human focus.

Why did you decide to focus on sports law area?

I decided to focus my profession on sports law because I found a very interesting opportunity just because sports law is universal. As a lawyer I can work as a professional, without having to homologate my profession. Those of us who are dedicated to sports law speak the same language, understand the same principles and focus on the same direction. I was also motivated by sports law, because it has many approaches, covers many sectors, and consolidates important leadership attitudes. A lawyer, expert in sports law, must know the technical and disciplinary aspects of the sport he advises, the entertainment industry, trademark registration, telecommunications law, logistics, labor law, management matters with an economic and financial focus, even including fashion law. Among the attitudes that stand out, leadership, entrepreneurship, sports protocol, conflict resolution techniques, motivation, integrity, respect, commitment, impartiality, respect for the rights of athletes and institutionality. 

Sports law really allows you to grow as a professional and as a person.

What benefits / How has WISLaw helped you in your carreer?

Wislaw has been an organization that has allowed me to meet professional women experts in sports law who share their experiences and allow union, reciprocal learning, solidarity and support for the professional growth of women in the sports environment.

What do you do in your spare time?

Every day I take time to walk and realize physical activities that allows me to have a healthy life, get an emotional balance and always stay active. Physical activity is a habit in my life.

If you weren’t a sports lawyer, what do you think you would be and why? 

I would be supporting business entrepreneurship processes for the benefit of my country.