Joelle Monlouis


Membership profile

Position: Attorney-at-law, Lawyer

Type of Occupation: Private Practice Lawyer, Sports Arbitrator, Academic

Area of expertise: Anti-Doping, Contractual / Commercial matters, Disciplinary Matters, Dispute Resolution, Governance / Regulatory work

Member of the month: February, 2022

We are delighted to announce our Member of the Month, Joëlle Monlouis

Joëlle Monlouis is an Arbitrator and Business & Sports Lawyer at Joëlle Monlouis’s Law Firm.

How did you get involved in sports law?

After several years in investment banking and then in business firms, I discovered sports law.
It rang a bell for me as sports was very prominent in my life from a young age. My mother was a football player and referee and now she is in charge of developing women’s football in Guadeloupe. My father was also a football player. I was part of athletics at a national level and also participated in various other sports including football. It was when I realised that I could mix my interests in business law and my interests in sports that led me to getting involved in sports law and to make it a more significant part of my professional career.

What was your most memorable achievement in the sector?

There were clubs that contested the Championship. The Football Federation mandated me to defend their interests before the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The stakes for the country were exceptionally high given the social context.
After three back-to-back cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Football Federation had emerged victorious on each case. I am particularly proud to have been part of these tough cases and acting on the Federation’s side.

Any advice for someone trying to break into the sector?

My advice is to be yourself. Defend your positions and your convictions and be pugnacious and curious – do not hesitate to reach out to others.

Greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

I was on holiday, and a client called with an emergency. Their Championship had also been contested. The hearing was the days to follow which meant very short notice to prepare and of course, I didn’t have my attire for the hearing. But I managed in the end to not only maintain that the Championship was a great victory and remain effect but I was also able to enjoy the remaining couple of days of vacation. Since this case, I am now always prepared.

Why did you decide to focus on your area(s) of sports law?

It is all together with the continuity of my activity in business law and my family history. It is also because football is one of the most popular sports and one of the most important in terms of economic weight.

How has WISLaw helped you in your career?

It allowed me to meet other women from different and vibrant backgrounds and also, develop my professional network and share good practices.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am a connoisseur and I love great food! Eating great food also means having enough stamina and strength for all the professional battles!

If you weren’t a sports lawyer, what do you think you would be and why?

Gastronomic critic (e.g. Michelin Guide) – to be able to tour the best restaurants in the world and critic incredible food.