Julia Miller

Canada, United States

Membership profile

Position: Lawyer

Type of Occupation: Private Practice Lawyer

Area of expertise: Football/Soccer

Member of the month: January, 2023

How did you get involved in sports law?

During law school, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Professor Richard McLaren, an expert in sports law and arbitration. While I was working for Professor McLaren, I was able to assist with a variety of anti-corruption and anti-doping matters. Based on this experience, I knew I wanted to try to work in sports law once I graduated.

Any advice for someone trying to break into the sector?

Join WISlaw and reach out to someone currently working in the field. WISlaw provides a great network of women working in sports law and can provide useful insight on how they were able to break into the sector.

What has been your most memorable achievement in sports law?

My most memorable achievement in sport law is having the opportunity to work with female Canadian amateur athletes. Being able to give a voice and fight for other women is incredibly rewarding!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

One of the greatest challenges I’ve had to overcome was finishing law school and starting my career during Covid. It was difficult to start my career from my home office. Unfortunately, lots of others went through the same thing. It’s exciting now with the world reopening and being able to meet with friends and colleagues in person! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to attend the WISlaw conference in person!

What benefits / How has WISLaw helped you in your career?

WISlaw has allowed me to meet other women practicing in sports law and learn from them. It’s been great to hear about other women’s careers and the path they took to get to where they are when I am at the beginning of my career!

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend my free time running and reading. Currently, I’m training for my next marathon in the spring!

If you weren’t a sports lawyer, what do you think you would be and why? 

If I wasn’t a lawyer I think I would be an behavioural economist. I’ve always enjoyed learning about how to understand and predict individual’s choices.