Elena Galluccio


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Position: Arbitrator

Type of Occupation: In-house, firm, arbitrator

Area of expertise: Forensics Consultant in Control Risks’ Europe Middle East and Africa practice

Member of the month: January, 2024

We are delighted to announce our Member of the Month, Elena Galluccio.

Elena is a Senior Consultant, Forensics Control Risks.

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Elena Galluccio is a Senior Consultant in Control Risks’ Europe Middle East and Africa Forensics practice. Originally from Milan, Italy, she is based in London where she works as part of Control Risks’ practice on issues related to integrity, with a specific focus on sport, including corruption and fraud investigations, use and misuse of funds reviews and compliance framework assessments.

How did you get involved in sports law?

As a forensic professional, I work in many different sectors covering various aspects of ethics and integrity. I have always been particularly passionate about the world of sport, having grown up in a sport-loving family. Members of my family have been involved with amateur basketball since the 70s and going to basketball and football matches has been for a long time a family activity.

When I started my career at Control Risks, I had the fortune of encountering managers who were passionate about sports. They gave me the opportunity of supporting some of the projects we were working on at the time and since then, six years ago, I have been involved in more and more similar tasks with the evolution of our sport practice.

What was your most memorable achievement in the sector?

I have thoroughly enjoyed all projects we’ve been involved in. However, so far I’m the proudest about the support we have given a global sporting organisation reviewing how their funds have been spent. I have been involved in the project since the start and I have been able to see first-hand how Control Risks assisted our client during the years, with a real impact on their governance programme.

Any advice for someone trying to break into the sector?

I have noticed that sports law and sport integrity is a sector in which networking is fundamental! The field involves people from different areas, so I’m making sure I participate to events, ask people for coffee, and generally don’t shy away from discussing all aspects of sports law or integrity with people I encounter. WISLaw is a great place to start.

Greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

When I moved to the UK to pursue a Master’s degree, I was unsure whether I would be able to create a strong personal and professional network. Six years later, I am very proud to be able to call the UK home “as well”, thanks to hard work, dedication and a bit of luck.

Why did you decide to focus on integrity in sport?

Forensics work consists in keeping integrity and ethics at the centre to ensure that organisations have a positive impact in their field. This is definitely heightened in sport, which I believe can be a force for good in many communities. Working in this sector has provided me with a sense of purpose, as what I do, even if marginally, helps ensure sport is fair and for all.

What benefits / How has WISLaw helped you in your career?

WISLaw is a very interesting organisation as it is truly global and people are open and willing to lend a hand. Thanks to WISLaw, I have been able to meet different women in sports law and widen my knowledge of the field.

What do you do in your spare time / any favourite sports?

I really enjoy long walks and hikes, especially in the summer when I get the chance to visit my family in the Alps. However, my recent favourite sport activity is boxing class, which I have taken up after lockdown. Otherwise, I really enjoy watching all sports, but in my household we religiously follow the Premier League!

If you weren’t a sports lawyer, what do you think you would be and why?

If I wasn’t a Forensic professional, I would be a historian, looking at different, very old, typse of evidence to study what actually happened a long time ago.